Wednesday, June 3, 2015

End of the Year Blog

For my end of the year article, I chose one from the Spring 2015 neaToday, entitled, "Is Classroom Technology Overhyped? Maybe." written by Noel Enyedy.  Mr. Enyedy is an associate professor of education and information studies at UCLA.  He is certainly no technophobe, however he does recommend that perhaps districts should rethink their philosophies/strategies when seeking to adopt new technology.  In his own words, "the evidence that computer-based, personalized instruction produces improved student outcomes is at best minimal or even non existent."  What I'm thinking after reading and trying to process this article is that Enyedy certainly isn't against technology, but rather he's FOR creating a better relationship and support system between educators and the technology companies.  I also believe he's saying what we as teachers hear over and over, but must truly remember:  It's not the technology that's going to make your students better learners, but rather the delivery of instruction and the focus on student outcomes and learning. In other words, like Dana reminds us all of the time, don't just use technology for the sake of using it, but rather think about how it can support and magnify instruction.  I sure know I'm trying to remember that as I become more and more comfortable with the use of technology in my classroom, but it definitely is like walking a tightrope; just when you think you've got it balanced, you realize you don't and perhaps take a "fall".    I love how the Noel Enyedy goes on further to say, "School administrators must ensure that rigorous professional development accompany new investments in technology to build skills that have historically been in the teacher toolbox."  

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