Monday, April 13, 2015

November post

I'm feeling so thrilled to find out that my cart of EEEs has now been replaced with new Chrome Books. Trust me, I was fine with the EEEs, but we were experiencing some issues with several of them, as they were the "hand me downs" from years past.  The students are always so excited if they get to use a Chrome Book over a EEE, so needless to say, they're over the moon!  The cart is wonderful too, and so much more user friendly with how it's laid out.  The kids can access each Chrome Book so much easier now, and the cords are so much better organized. With our enormous class sizes this year, it so helps to have kids on technology, sharing Google Docs, as it allows me to "conference" with kids, even though I might not be able to get to them as often as I'd like in the classroom.

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