Monday, April 13, 2015

January post

I just finished reading an article in Bloomberg Business titled, "The Case Against Cursive".  I found this article very interesting, and I was often shaking my head in agreement.  However, I'm not totally convinced, as the author is, that cursive serves NO place in today's classrooms.  Though I know it is not in the CCSS and many school districts do not teach it at all anymore, I also know that we here in Littleton were giving a bit of a choice to keep some form of cursive instruction.  Now, I can assure you that my teammates and I do not spend even 1/2 the time on cursive instruction as we once used to, but we have decided to "compromise" for lack of a better term.  We quickly cover the lowercase and capital letters in less than three weeks, giving 20 minute instruction in that time 3 times a week.  We give the kids the basics, have them practice a bit at home, and move on.

We realize that cursive might be somewhat of a "dinosaur" nowadays and some teachers are simply holding on to tradition rather than making better use of instruction time, but we don't completely see it that least not quite yet.  First of all, the kids and most of their parents alike, are appreciative and excited about cursive instruction.  For many of our kids who really have fine motor issues, cursive seems to really help them out a bit.  We also seen how it can many times help with reversals.

I don't know...for now we've obviously streamlined our instruction, but you never know.  We do feel frustrated by the lack of time we have for the content that is so important, so maybe that will begin to weigh our future decisions even more so.

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